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Marble Storage Set
Marble Storage Set

Marble Storage Set

Our Storage Set is handmade from concrete and makes your journey to higher states of mind an aesthetic experience.


Limited Edition -  Black and White concrete in marble pattern




  • The concrete body comes with designated rooms for 2 compartments, our grinder and additional storing space for individual use and arrangement.
  • Our top made from corian doubles as an integrated tray with lots of room to prepare your sacred herb.
  • The 2 concrete compartments store up to 8g of herb each and are sealed airtight with corian tops and silicone layers.
  • Our 3-Piece Grinder is made from aerospace grade aluminium and moulded in concrete. Reinvented from scratch it guarantees a smooth grinding experience with a designated spot for your herb, unique teeth design.


Body | 20cm x 24cm x 8cm
Tray | 20cm x 24cm x 1cm
Compartments | 6,8cm x 6,8cm x 6,2cm
Grinder | 6,8cm x 6,8cm x 4cm

Weight | 4.5 kg 

Important Note

Please note that our products are handmade from concrete. This material is perfectly imperfect and charms with slightly differences in texture and colour.

Our products are available for pre-order and we estimate to start shipping in 4-6 Weeks.