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COMING OF AGE 10 postcards by Jim Avignon

COMING OF AGE 10 postcards by Jim Avignon

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Limited Edition postcards for "Beyond Contemporary" Exhibition by praise

Created in 2023


Artist: Jim Avignon
Created: 2023
Available Formats: Postcard set with 10 postcards in A6

Based on the original artwork: Charles I by Daniel Mytens (1629)

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Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon, born 1966 in Munich, is a German pop artist who makes street art and music under the name "neoangin". He has worked all over the world, and was one of the painters at the East Side Gallery on the Berlin Wall. Adventure and curiosity are two cornerstones of his being. For him, art is communication and exchange. As a German pop artist and representative of Art modeste, he races through the world as a painter, musician, illustrator and conceptual artist.


These Art prints are part of the exhibition "BEYOND CONTEMPORARY" where 10 contemporary artists reinterpret essential pieces of art history to blur the lines of art epochs and challenge the borders of what is considered "contemporary". 
Exhibition curated by: Jojo Caramelle for praise studio
The Exhibition is on display until 07.07 in Berlin Neukölln.