How to stay true to the plant

How to stay true to the plant

Over the past years the general perception of cannabis has evolved for the better and becomes more and more socially accepted.

Nevertheless there are many encounters that keep users from publicly staying true to their love for the plant.

We believe to progress in changing public perception and eventually legalisation it essential for all users to see themselves as educators, communicators and advocates of cannabis.

Depending on the country where you are in right now, it sometimes indeed is better to stay silent, other than that we encourage you to consider the following ideas to be honest about your love for weed without losing respect in the eye of others.

Challenge and educate sceptics

When confronted with whether cannabis is good / bad, challenge sceptics what they really know about cannabis. Is their opinion based on knowledge or influenced by lobbyism?  

Put yourself in their perspective to understand the motivation for a negative stand against cannabis. From there you can better educate around specific fears they are having and guide towards a better understanding of the plant.

Share your experience

Being open about usage and explaining how cannabis adds value to your life, enable others to realise the value of this in the lives of the many.  Show when and why you are consuming it and how it makes your life richer without seriously harming your body and mind.

Make your motivation for using cannabis relatable and see how fear dissolves to acceptance.

Point out the obvious

Most open minded people don’t need to be educated around the fact that cannabis despite being a drug is harmless in relation to alcohol, tobacco or medicine. Looking at these substances together, there is simply no sane reason to condemn cannabis.

We believe this question will make the other reconsider or at least stop talking for a few moments:

“If you had to choose, would you rather regulate tobacco and alcohol as much as cannabis or have all of them available equally?”

Show the magnitude of your belief

Its not like your a lone worrier on the way to destigmatise cannabis. Show that there are respected individuals across society who openly state their relation to cannabis. Maybe knowing that Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey or even Egyptian Pharaos enjoyed weed empowers them to change their perception on cannabis.


Stay true and stay high


Image by the incredible Vladimir Mishukov⠀

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