Aesthetic vibes

Aesthetic vibes

Our daily routine often keeps us from giving our mind some time to drift of into unknown areas. Ain't got time for that? You should! Let your thoughts experience entirely new settings and get inspired visually to free your mind of stuck clutter.

We've curated Instagram accounts of visual artists, illustrators and design geniuses that have an eye for aesthetic and let you wonder in new dimensions.

Petra Collins

We start off with Petra. Photographer and Videographer by heart. Inspiring motives, playful lights and always colourful. It´s your daily portion of eyecandy. 

Jonathan Mannion

The photographer the hoppers trust. It´s fascinating how words fill the pictures without the artists rapping a single verse. For music loves, a must follow. 

The Invisible Realm

The Invisible Realm is our number one go to place, if we want to see how exceptional the human mind can work from times to times. We stumble upon scenarios, we never even thought of. 


Yeah its girly, yeah it's pink and it's fu**ing authentic. I bet the motives and well curated content will keep your breath away. 



Last but not least, we got ineedaguide on our list. Trippy art and well curated excerpts of modern exhibitions all over the world. Dive in and dive in deep. 


Cover Image by the incredible the_invisible_realm 

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