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A thought on genuine happiness

There is this urge in life to find joy and the many of us are on an endless quest for more appreciation, fulfilment and happiness. 

We believe understanding the difference between seeking happiness and being genuinely happy is a vital key to more happiness in life no matter what or why you are doing things. 

Purpose seekers

Most of us share the idea that finding and pursuing ones “purpose” adds value to your life and eventually leads to more happiness. Why this concept makes sense, it implies that there is a purpose we need to seek for. It delays our purpose to the future.

This is a concept by society

Our society is dependent on progress and therefore advocates a craving for more in our daily lives. This results in us seeking for something that is not here yet, as it is not enough yet. The purpose stays in the future. If you can identify yourself with this, we hope the following idea may open your mind for more happiness:

Seeking fulfilment over time might as well result in never finding it at all. Our purpose is quite simply to embrace the present.

For us, this is as true as the fact that our life is not moving under the power of the past. Much more, the past is the result of the present. 

A simple truth

While this is nothing new to many of us, we continue to bother about yesterday and worry about tomorrow. What a waste of energy. We suggest to free yourself from thoughts about the unessential and realise this simple truth:

It is always now. In fact, if you think about it, it seems to be the only place we are ever going to be in. The reality of our existence if you want. Yesterday doesn’t exist and tomorrow will never come. There is always and will never be anything else in our life than today.

Genuine happiness

Applying this concept to life brings the soothing effects of appreciation for what is. A deeper feeling of gratitude for the status quo is the best medicine to make yourself available to enjoy the moments of life as they occur, not the memory of past ones.

We believe substances such as cannabis and activities like meditation can work wonders reconnecting yourself with what really matters. Over the next couple of weeks, we will share more ideas around bringing more mindfulness into our lives and celebrating life as it happens.



High Aesthetics does not advocate the illegal use of cannabis or other substances. We solely advice to self-reflect more and worry less.


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